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The domain was secured in 2016 with a rough idea of what might happen, but it took a pandemic in 2020 for the first posts to appear. Four years.

Two other sites, one on non-profits at https://carlkruse.org and another on random miscellany — Morse Code to Tolkien — https://www.carlkruse.com, took up my limited time, consigning the new domain to mothballs.

All of them, here and there, were for fun with no commercial or other expectations.

Bric-a-brac. This and that.

Carl Kruse
In the subway, the sprawl of graffiti, like old letters left by ghosts.

Anyway, these last two years saw me become involved in Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. A little at first. Then a little more. Ever more enchanted by the promise of improving our financial system, well-being, securing individual freedom, among other goodness. I thought this blog — lonely and waiting in the cold — a good place to store some of these and related topics. For fun and with no expectations.

My logo was designed in the late 1990s by an artist friend who took to a drawing program and quickly sketched my initials. What normally is a long, laborious process took us — or better said, her — less than a minute.

Carl Kruse Logo

I liked how the letters “C” and “K” seemed to frame a dancer, fluid and agile, or like the Chinese character for great. Having that done, the letters where colored in white, set on blue background, and experimenting with no other color schemes (what we had looking beautiful I thought) the logo was born.

I mention this because this was to be the logo of the blog but after much experimenting to incorporate it into the WordPress format I threw in the towel. The logo failed, not aesthetically fitting in. And isn’t it strange how you can relax about the creation of a quasi-permanent and important logo but get finicky with a blog that is just for fun and “no expectations.”

So here is the original logo. We won’t see it again but I thought it deserving a place in the first post.

Thanks for being here.

You can always reach me at carl AT carlkruse DOT com or at carl AT alumni DOT princeton DOT edu.

I welcome hearing from you.


Carl Kruse


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